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Vision & Values

  • To maintain the Group’s Core Values of Commitment, Credibility and Consistency, and last but not least the ‘Caring’ quality for our customers.
  • To achieve ‘excellence’ in everything we do. Continue to be leaders in innovative thinking and effective management.
  • To create an efficient agile organisation. Streamline and simplify work processes. Work across boundaries to improve the business. Incorporate planning, goal setting and achievement as essential parts of the Liquor Centre work ethic. Challenge the bureaucratic which adds no value.
  • To clearly continue to be the largest chain in New Zealand with a total of 235 outlets and a target in 2018 of 250 total outlets.


To continue with the Group Training Programmes. We consider outlet management and staff as our most important resource. There is also no doubt that the success or failure of an outlet is largely dependent on the relative competence of store management and staff.


We will continue to provide outstanding value to our customers. We will continue to exceed customer expectations in full, all the time.


We will further enhance the excellent partnerships built with suppliers. We will understand and communicate the value of their respective products through planned promotions and advertising. We will recognise and support supplier marketing strategies for their products, in terms of market positioning and responsible pricing.

Society at large

The Liquor Centre Group will ensure that all member outlets respect local community and cultural expectations, comply with liquor regulations, and maintain with pride the reputation and credibility of the Liquor Centre Group.