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Odd Company

The Fancy One: Gin, cucumber & lime with sparkling water

A  flashy night on the town, or a potluck in the suburbs, this little number is here to raise the tone. A refreshing hit of lime is followed by an unmistakeable hit of gin’s best fragrant friend, juniper, coupled with an aromatic hint of lemongrass and a finish of crisp cucumber notes. Ohhhh, fancy.

The Party Guy: Vodka, lemon, lime & yuzu with sparkling water

Lively, fun and a little bit unexpected, The Party Guy is here to turn up the volume on any occasion. Yuzu, a Japanese citrus, is enjoying the limelight here and rightly so with its exciting blend of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit flavours. Zesty, full-bodied, fresh.

The Cheeky One: Vodka, peach & passionfruit with sparkling water

Feeling a little fruity? The Cheeky One encourages you to bring your sass along to experience some floral peachiness paired with the tarty sweetness of passionfruit and backed by a subtle dry undertone of black tea extract.

So whether you’re in the mood, or want to get in the mood, there’s a bit of Odd Company ready for you.