The Liquor Centre Group has always maintained an advantage over competitors in relation to member benefits and subsidies. This has surprised many people in the industry, as the Liquor Centre Group joining fee and franchise fee is also considerably less than competing chains.

When joining the group, you have access to FREE signage subject to signing a Signage contract and if council allows liquor branding on the outside of a store.

We advertise in over 53 newspapers nationwide. The largest coverage of any liquor retail chain.
This is free for all Liquor Centre members covered by our papers.

We advertise during all major sporting events. This has included All Blacks games, State of Origin, International Rugby League, Nz vs India ODI series, NZ Breakers Finals, Nrl Nines, The Crowd Goes Wild.

As New Zealand’s largest liquor chain in terms of outlets and location coverage, the Liquor Centre Group receives excellent pricing. Our large sise equates to massive buying power.

There are no contracts when joining the Liquor Centre Group.  Unlike our competitors we wont tie you into a 1,2 or 3 year contract. We believe what we offer is enough for stores to stay with our group. 230+ stores and growing is testament to that.  If stores want to leave The Liquor Centre Group, they can do so whenever they want.

Over 800 product specials are received by the Liquor Centre Group from numerous suppliers every month.

Each month the six leading wine and spirits suppliers offer deep cut specials covering selected products. The super special prices are exclusive to Liquor Centre Group and cover products with volume sales.

These could be used to promote and advertise products to attract customers to Liquor Centre stores and to combat the activity of competing chains. There is a variety of product super specials every month. An average of 35 spirits and 40 wines.

Value added promotions have been a real success within the Liquor Centre Group and are an effective counter to discounting. Value added promotions enable both the supplier and the retailer to have excellent margins.

Value added promotions are expensive, and suppliers have agreed to these promotions based on the support and track record of the Liquor Centre Group covering past value added promotions.

We work with many companies to offer our members the best deals on various products other than alchohol. Soft drinks, chips, biscuits, nuts, faxrolls, pens paper and more! Supported by leading companies such as Coke and Griffins to name a few, we enable stores to have everything they want.

These are rebate (extra) payments to members based on volume sales of the Liquor Centre Group. We have the most amount of incentive/rebate schemes of any liquor chain.

We have our own exclusive products that customers can only buy in our stores. Our Selbeys International range, the Glacier Bay Premium Fine Wine Range and the Three Valleys Pemium Range. Better yet..............There is more to come!

Liquor Centre branded uniforms, Badges, Price Tickets, Flags, Plastic/Paper bags, Category Labels etc are all available to our stores 

Our New Liquor Centre Locals Facebook page sets the standard for the social experience. We give away prizes every week and the page is loaded with great content. We have the number one facebook page of any liquor chain in NZ.


i.e. Visa, Mastercard, Diners, American Express