• Minimum square foot area of 1200sq ft including chiller, an exception can be made depending on the store location.
  • Branding of the store with the Liquor Centre/Liquor Spot name and logo, and wearing the Liquor Centre/Liquor Spot uniform and name badge. These are mandatory.
  • Adhering to Liquor Centre objectives and policies.
  • As a guideline new Member outlets should be no less than 2.0 km from existing Member outlets. If the outlet is less than 2.0 km the current Liquor Centre Member/Members will be consulted prior to considering application. The store then may be considered as a Liquor Centre member or a Liquor Spot member. However the final decision will be made by Liquor Centre Management.
    There will be instances where outlets within a distance of less than 2.0 km will cater for different markets. Liquor Centre will then make a reasonable judgement to accept or not, or to make the outlet a Liquor Spot member. 
  • If one or more current Members intend operating a new outlet in a new area, then the application that is received first will be given priority, along with other criteria such as size of store, location and status of member(Gold Elite, Silver, Bronze).
  • If a Member wishes to resign from the Liquor Centre Group then two months notice will need to be given to the Group. This would enable the Group to make alternative arrangements to transfer the Franchise to another outlet in the area, with the minimum of disruption.
  • If a Member resigns from the Group or the Franchise is withdrawn, the outlet must make arrangements to remove all Liquor Centre/ Liquor Spot Signage from the Premises immediately.